I Can Only Sleep For 4 5 Hours

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Causes of Short Duration Sleep and Restriction


'Short sleepers' can get just 4 hours a night and feel ...

    Credit: CC0 Public Domain. "Sleep is overrated." So proclaims Stephen Klasko, who throughout his life has taken pride in sleeping only four or five hours a night. Those extra few hours away from ...

I only sleep around 4-5 hours a night. Is this bad for me ...

    Answer (1 of 19): Maybe. Maybe not. The real question is how do you feel? If you have energy and feel well, then four hours is your number. And I am soooooo jealous! I'm an 9–12 hours girl. I sleep greater than a third of my life away! I have tried …

Causes of Short Duration Sleep and Restriction

    Not everyone who sleeps less than the recommended seven to nine hours per night has a sleep disorder. For example, if you need fewer than six hours of sleep every night and don't have sleep deprivation symptoms, you likely do not have insomnia. Instead, you may have a condition known as short sleep syndrome (SSS).

How To Get By On 4-5 Hours Of Sleep | HuffPost Life

    There is simply no doubt that we need sleep to be at our best. But sometimes 8 hours just isn't in the cards. Whether because of work stress, a crying baby, or some other late-night disturbance, we are sometimes forced to function on 4 …

Question: Is It Normal To Only Need 4 Hours Of Sleep?

    Is 4 hours of sleep enough for muscle growth? What researchers discovered was that the individuals who slept only 5.5 hours had 60% less muscle mass at the end of the study, while those who slept 8.5 hours had 40 % more muscle mass. Obviously, we can see the powerful effect that sleep has on muscle recovery and growth.

Is 5 Hours Enough Sleep? How Much Sleep Should I Get?

    Risk of diabetes. A 2005 study found that sleeping too little (six hours or less) is associated with increased risk of diabetes. Sleeping too much (nine hours or more) was also associated with ...

Why 5 Hours of Sleep Better Than 8 Hours

    C onventional wisdom within sleep medicine says 7 to 8 hours of sleep is ideal. Less than 5 hours or more than 9 hours is associated with much higher rates of depression, diabetes, stroke, and dying in general. Then why is it that some people feel great after sleeping only 4 to 5 hours, but feel terrible if they sleep 7 to 8 hours?

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