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Ensuring that Employees with Reduced Hours Qualify for ...

    ($450 x 4) / 3 = $600. Therefore, in order to qualify for state unemployment compensation, the employee in this example would have to earn less than $600 per week. The employee and employer would need to then determine how many hours at the employee’s wage rate the employee could work in order while not exceeding such ceiling.

Who CARES? Unemployment Benefits for Reduced Hours …

    Fourth, employees with reduced hours may receive unemployment insurance benefits, including the full $600 weekly federal payment. While many states clearly have stated on their websites and in their FAQs that individuals with reduced working hours may be eligible for partial unemployment insurance benefits, as with full unemployment insurance ...

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    Introduction. This document provides information on how to determine hours of insurable employment. The Employment Insurance Regulations contain provisions that outline how to determine the hours of insurable employment for different situations. In this article, we look at various situations such as: workers paid on an hourly basis, unpaid earnings, workers not paid …

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    600 Members Remember Halyna Hutchins. ICG Local 600 and the entertainment community lost a beloved sister when Director of Photography Halyna …

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