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    The point in having Function Point Analysis is having some kind of rules/guidelines which are objective and standard so that it should (within a certain margin) end up giving you the same amount of function points on an application and/or project, regardless of which expert counted it, if the rules are applied consistently and correct.

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    Albrecht (who conceived the function point method) proposed to perform a simple linear regression with man-months as the dependent variable and function points as the independent variable. So the conclusion is that the relationship between the function point count and the man-power is not straightforward.

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    Size estimated to be between 900 and 1200 function points best guess=1100 function points! Industry ISBSG Cost Data "Median $1,234 per function point (1100 fps) – $1,357,400 "Median $90 - $119 per hour spent (at 14 hours/fp) – $1,386,000 - $1,832,600 Actual …

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    For example, 1 story point may be equal to 1 hour, 2 story points to 4 hours, 3 story points to a day, 5 story points to 1 week, and 8 story points to two weeks. In the end, when you graph your story points (x) vs hours (y) you should always get an exponential relationship (curve).

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    Hi everyone, I have just taken over responsibility as a a scrum master and although i have worked under a scrum team before for a year but i always had difficulty in estimating according to story points. So in my first project as a scrum master, I took a risk and though to map story points against hours and it went very well. Here is how i mapped: Points - Hours 1 2 …

What Is the Cost of One IFPUG Method Function Point ...

    method, function point 1 Introduction Like any other product, especially of engineering character, software systems too are characterised by some attributes that should be subject to measurement. The main attribute of every product is its size. However, software engineering cannot boast about such a degree of ...

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    Function Point Analysis by a membership function, which fuzzy set is characterized point in the fuzzy set a real number in associates with each called degree or grade of membership. the interval [0,1], membership function may be triangular, trapezoidal, The parabolic etc. Fuzzy numbers are special convex and normal representing

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