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Estimating using FPA and Hours/FP - Alvin Alexander

    As mentioned earlier, Function Point size is analagous to the size of a house; it measures the size of an application. Project velocity is a measure of how fast your team can develop an application of that size, in a manner similar to the question, "How fast can a construction company build a 5,000 square-foot...

Story Points and Man Hours - When To Use Them and Why?

    Relation between points and hours do exist. Some matured scrum teams do start experimenting on this, where-in they come up with a probability distribution curve. It means, one point may take sometimes lesser or equivalent or more than 2 points story.

Function point - Wikipedia

    Function point. A function point is a "unit of measurement" to express the amount of business functionality an information system (as a product) provides to a user. Function points are used to compute a functional size measurement (FSM) of software. The cost (in dollars or hours) of a single unit is calculated from past projects.

Function Points per Person Per Month Rates Used in Industry

    hours per function point as a rate of delivery. These data points are from the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG), one of the numerous sources of industry benchmark data.

Open Office Hours with Function Point - YouTube

    Nov 01, 2017 · New to Function Point? Learn how other customers use FP, and get the answers to all your FP system questions. ... Open Office Hours with Function Point Function Point. Loading...Author: Function Point

Part 1: Function Point Analysis (FPA)

    many hours per function point on an average were needed in the past to complete the phase. For the Construction phase, FPA gives very good estimates because the activities in that phase are very concrete and relatively similar between projects.

Mapping story points with hours Scrum.org

    Jul 16, 2019 · Here is how i mapped: Points - Hours 1 2-4 3 4-8 5 8-16 7 16-24 9 24+ Hi everyone, I have just taken over responsibility as a a scrum master and although i have worked under a scrum team before for a year but i always had difficulty in estimating according to story points.

Software Economics and Function Point Metrics: Thirty ...

    In definition 1 deliverable goods are constant and work hours are variable. In definition 2 deliverable goods are variable and work periods are constant. The common metrics “work hours per function point” and “work hours per KLOC ” are good examples of productivity definition 1.

Function Point Languages Table QSM SLIM-Estimate

    The QSM Function Points Languages Table contains updated function point language gearing factors for 37 distinct programming languages/technologies. The data supporting release 5.0 was drawn from 2192 recently completed function point projects from the QSM database.

Function Point Analysis -- a seriously overestimating ...

    The point in having Function Point Analysis is having some kind of rules/guidelines which are objective and standard so that it should (within a certain margin) end up giving you the same amount of function points on an application and/or project, regardless of which expert counted it, if the rules are applied consistently and correct.

Functional Size Metrics

    around 14 hours per function point.! Effort figures collected from the project indicated a project Productivity rate of around 65 hours per function point. Management decided not to proceed with second release before finding a way to improve productivity and reduce costs! Even allowing for techical complexity, large project team size (35) this is still low

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    function points is going to be a hard sell to your customers. – Keep in mind that IT needs to adapt to the business not the other way around! zAre we going to be asked to answer questions for which we have no data? – Ha, that is a great question. I would recommend that you find the answer if you do not know. I don’t know, but I will find out

Estimation Techniques : Function Point Analysis (FPA)

    Software productivity is defined as hours/function points or function points/hours. This is the average cost to develop software or the unit cost of software. One thing to keep in mind is the unit cost of software is not fixed with size. What industry data shows is the unit cost of software goes up with size.

Function Point Analysis - Effort Estimation

    Calculate schedule months from function points. Jones's first order estimate formula uses the exponent, j, from the above table to compute schedule months, s, from function points, f.Schedule months do not include the requirements analysis phase, because this must have been completed to get the design needed for the function point count. s = f j ...

Story Points vs. Function Points - Estimancy

    Function Points “Function Points measure software by quantifying the features compared to the final client needs, mainly based on its logical conception”. Unlike Story Points, Function Points are a standard measure unit that is replicable. Features may be evenly measured in Function Points, regardless of who measures them.

Fundamentals of Function Point Analysis Part I

    The function point count at the end of requirements and/or designs can be compared to function points actually delivered. If the project has grown, there has been scope creep. The amount of growth is an indication of how well requirements were gathered by and/or communicated to the project team.

Function Point What Is It, Info, Video and Free WHITEPAPER

    Function Point. A function point (FP) is a unit of measurement to express the amount of business functionality an information system provides to a user. The cost (in dollars or hours) of a single unit is calculated from past projects. There are five currently recognized ISO …

Story Points: Why are they better than hours? - Scrum Inc

    May 16, 2013 · At any given point in time there is a direct relationship between points and hours and it changes, just like time to drive to work changes every day depending on how fast you go. We know the average peak velocity for great teams is 15 function points per developer per month.

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