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    To meet the Central Bank’s Minimum Competency Code (MCC), an overall total of 15 CPD hours must be completed by all accredited individuals (e.g. QFAs, RPAs, CUAs, APAs, and CPD Members) each year (unless additional catch-up hours are required or a pro-rata adjustment has been made). LIA provides over 50 hours of online, on-demand CPD in its MyCPD portal - a …

CPD Resources | LIA
    By reading and assimilating this document, all members of LIA with a CPD requirement can claim up to 4 CPD hours. These 4 CPD hours are relevant to all 8 categories of Retail Financial Product as defined in the Central Bank’s Minimum Competency Code (MCC). The CPD Annual Update document is also relevant to Credit Union personnel with LIA Credit Union designations e.g. …

Continuous Professional Development - BFAA
    Licenses: IA, IIP, IIA, LIA CPD hours: 3.5 Author: Marten Kress Published: September, 2020

Training and Competency - GIA
    24 hours : 24 hours : 15 Hours : General and Life Agents (Composite agents) 8 hours (in addition to CPD training requirements as appointed representatives under the Financial Advisers Act) Trade Specific Agents (Motor) 4 hours : Trade Specific Agents (Non-Motor) None

Continuous Professional Development - BFAA
    Licences: IA, IIP, IIA, LIA, NLIA CPD hours: 4.5 Author: Violeta Tumkienė Published: September, 2020 Title: 2020’s ETHICS CASE. PRINCIPLES BEHIND INVESTMENT OR INSURANCE ADVICE. Syllabus: 2. ETHICS & REGULATION Licences: IA, IIP, IIA, LIA, NLIA CPD hours: 2.25 Author: adapted from Swedsec case by Irma Lazickienė, Karolina Kriščiukaitytė, Pavils Misins

CPD hours approved by FPSB Ireland for CFP® professionals
    8 Hours 2021 : CFA Certification Exam 2021 . CFA Institute : N/A . 8 Hours 2021 : DC Pension Scheme Trustee Practices . LIA : N/A . 8 Hours 2021 : Retirement Planning Advice I . LIA : N/A . 8 Hours 2021 : Retirement Planning Advice II . LIA : N/A . 8 Hours 2021 : MSc in Financial Services – Strategy and Innovation in Financial Services . IOB : N/A . 8 Hours 2021

Info | IOB
    15 hours in total. 1 hour relevant to each category accredited in. 1 hour relevant to ethics. Professional and Chartered Bankers / Certified Bank Director. 6 hours in total. 3 hours relevant to Specialist Content (not applicable to CBDs) 1 hour relevant …

QFA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme ...
    The CPD year runs from 1st January – 31st December each year, i.e. hours must be completed in the calendar year. While the closing date for making an annual return each year is 31st January (see section 20. ‘Annual Returns’), CPD hours must be completed by . 31st December. Hours completed in January count for

    Life insurance sales registered 38 per cent growth in weighted premiums for the first nine months of 2021. 11 NOV 2021. News Room Icon. NEWS. Right Arrow.

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