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How long does it take to learn to drive? - Young Driver's ...

    How many lessons you have a week. If you can fit it in, having more than 1 lesson a week is a good investment. When you first get started, too much time between driving lessons means you have to re-learn everything over and over.

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    Although it can be hard to schedule driving lessons around working hours, try to have intensive lessons on your days off. For example, a weekly two-hour lesson on a Saturday combined with an hourly weekday session after work could prevent you forgetting what you’d learnt the previous time! You could use your driving lessons to get places too.

30 Hour Colorado Drivers Ed Class | Learn To Drive Colorado

    If your teen is starting the Graduated Driver’s License process between 14-1/2 and 15-1/2 years old, the DMV requires proof that your teen has completed thirty hours of Driver’s Ed either online or in the classroom. (We have both options.) At the end of each class, our programs includes two attempts at the permit test as part of the class.

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    Your driving component consists of: 6 hours behind-the-wheel driving instruction. Of these 6 hours, a maximum of 2 hours may be instructed on a multiple-vehicle driving range. However, at least 4 hours MUST be instructed on the road. 4 hours observation time in a training vehicle NOTE:

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