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pay rate chart for techs - Automotive Management Network
    Jul 29, 2007 · I would really appreciate some help in developing one that we can all use as a guide. I was thinking about a base pay rate per hour and a second rate for billables. Maybe $20 per hour base with $10-15 bonus for each billable hour. I would need to know how many hours billed is average for an "A" tech and make his current pay equal to that.

How many chargeable hours per day does an automotive ...
    Apr 08, 2017 · It largely depends on the techs, how knowledgeable they are and how many you have. You got 4 good techs that can bank 25 hours a day each then in one 8 hour day your techs banked 100 billable hours. In my shop the customer gets charged for the job being done and gets a call when it's finished, they don't get charged hourly.

Debate over best way to pay service ... - Automotive News
    The typical dealership technician earns more than $61,000 a year, the National Automobile Dealers Association reports. Under flat rate, an experienced tech can cram 11, 12 or more billable hours ...

Auto Repair Labor Rates Explained AAA Automotive
    As of January 17, 2017, auto repair shops in the AAA Approved Auto Repair network charged between $47 and $215 per hour, based primarily on the shop’s cost of doing business. Though many people think auto repair shops' rates are very high, most are actually close to industry averages.

Auto Mechanic Hour Per Week Jobs, Employment
    Experienced automotive mechanic can make up to $32 per hour. Paid training at $600/$15 hr/40 hours a week for 2 weeks then commission Paid.

How Is Car Repair Billed and Is it Fair? -
    Let's say you take your car or truck in for a water pump replacement. The mechanic looks up the repair in his book, and it tells him that replacing a water pump in your vehicle takes 3 hours. You're billed 3 hours labor for the repair -- a flat rate based on what the book says.

How many billable hours can a good car mechanic make per ...
    Oct 04, 2016 · But in a busy summer month I bagged 118 hours in a 40 hour week. What you have to realize is with flat rate pay you have to decide if your going to be a thorough technician or a corner cutting one that doesn’t do half the work that’s supposed to be done.

See How Auto Shop Billing Works -
    Now here is the evil part to me. The car mechanics gets paid on average of only about $20 an hour out of the auto shops hourly charge. The technician works on a method of payment called flat rate. This means if the job pays 2 hours the mechanic gets $40.00.

8 Pay Program Tips That Generate Happy Technicians
    3. Make sure that you have a tiered compensation program in place. For example, if your techs flag up to 40 hours in a 40-hour week, they'll earn $22.00 per hour. If they flag over 45 hours in a 40-hour week, they'll earn $24.00 for each of the 45 hours.

Hourly vs. Flat Rate for Auto Techs
    Hourly vs. Flat Rate for Auto Techs Jim MacPherson, Monster Contributing Writer Automotive technicians are generally paid by the amount of work they produce (known as …

What Is Your Shop’s Effective Labor Rate? - Automotive Data
    What Is Your Shop’s Effective Labor Rate? T he auto repair industry hasexperienced many technical ... If you’re paying your technicians an average hourly rate of $20 and desire to earn 70% gross profit, your hourly rate would ... If a technician produced 10 billable hours, the calculation would be as follows: Revenue Billed Hours Revenue

Is Your Shop Rate What It Should Be? Construction Equipment
    Sep 28, 2010 · The second is DeRousse's calculation of the number of hours that are available to bill customers. After deducting sick leave, vacations, meetings, cleanup time and training, the estimated billable hours each year for two technicians is 3,297 out of a possible 4,176. (One technician is a working supervisor.)

Working as an Automotive Technician at Tires Plus ...
    Tires Plus Employee Reviews for Automotive Technician. Review this company ... Constantly working on numerous vehicle but never able to make any billable hours because the salespersons are undercutting the mechanics billable labor hours for the sake of getting a sale, note that the salespersons make commission on parts so cutting labor hours ...3.5/5(339)

Improve Technician Productivity and Efficiency Green ...
    Apr 04, 2012 · As an example, if the technician is being paid for 8 hours of work and is moving and washing equipment, sweeping the floor, and emptying out used oil or trash cans for an hour and a half a day, then the amount of time they have left to spend in their bay producing is 6.5 hours. So the productivity for that tech would be 81%.

Welcome to “Pricing For Profit” Mack Heaton No Secrets ...
    Average Billable Hours per Day 4 Tech Hours Charged Applied Time Percentage 50.0% Technician AVG Efficiency Direct Labor Cost Per Billable Hour $42.34 Overhead Cost Total Overhead Cost $200,000.00 Dept or Company O/H # Technicians 3 # Techs full time Total Billable Hours per Tech 980 Total Billable Hours Company 2940

How to Develop an Accurate Shop Rate - Operations ...
    Mar 01, 2005 · Calculate Billable Hours. To determine the rate charged to customers for technician services in the equipment repair shop, first calculate the total billable hours available. Shop operations in Everett will be used as an example. The total possible technician hours per year in the shop are 29,120 (14 technicians x 2,008 hours).

Business Sense: What Is Your Shop's Effective Labor Rate ...
    Table 1 on page 60 will help you determine your shop's hourly labor rate performance. Table 2 on page 61 shows how to calculate your shop's effective labor rate. The important thing to know is that "effective labor rate" is the selling score of a shop after all transactions have been completed.

Automotive Repair Labor Guide It Still Runs
    Automotive Repair Labor Guide ... That's where you pay for the tuition and tools of the qualified technician. 2.3 hours of labor are still applied to the repair bill. Why? Technicians average $10,000 in tools they have to buy themselves. Often times, there are tools available that make the job easier, or the technician has done similar repairs ...

Automotive Mechanic Billable Labor Auto Mechanics Schools
    Auto Repair Flat Rate System Car Repair Information From … The mechanic is paid a set time for a specific repair.Automotive dealers also have their own set of labor times for warranty repairs. Lawyers are also a bad example, as they get paid in ‘billable’ hours, much like flat rate technicians – although the incentive is the reverse,

ECN August 2018 by All Things Media - Issuu
    Opportunity for billable hours can be maximised by removing the risk of having to turn around for the correct tools, and your customer is kept happy when your engineer has everything he or she ...

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