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92in92 – 92 Football League Clubs in 92 hours

    Welcome to 92in92.com. In October 2022 we will once again be visiting 92 football clubs in the space of 92 hours to raise lots of money and awareness for a very worthy cause. Check back here soon and we’ll keep you updated with every step of our journey.

92 football league clubs in 92 hours by Matt Payne

    We are attempting to visit all 92 football league grounds in the UK in under 92 hours. Our aim is to raise as much money as possible for two great causes, The Rotherham Hospice & The include Foundation. Rotherham Hospice provide palliative care for terminally ill patients across Rotherham, and support for their families.

92 Clubs in under 92 hours……done!! – The 92 in 92 Challenge

    So there you have it, all 92 clubs visited. For the rest of the season we can now, much to annoyance of anyone around us, smugly sit and watch any game in the football league and say “I’ve been there!” We’re pretty sure everyone will get fed up with it very quickly, but we’ll persevere anyway! Much love and appreciation, The 92 in 92 Lads

The Challenge – The 92 in 92 Challenge

    The Challenge. On Tuesday 26th August 2014 we will be setting off on our challenge to visit all 92 football league clubs in just 92 hours. We will start our journey at Southend United at 3pm, drive over 2200 miles around England and Wales visting all football league along the way and aim to arrive at the 92nd club, Colchester United, by 11am on the morning of Saturday 30th August.

The 92 Club | Football Ground Map


Team 92 in 92

    In October 2015 we're visiting all 92 Football League clubs in 92 hours or less to raise much needed funds for two great charities: Prostate Cancer UK and Alzheimer's Research UK. Read more Raised: 110 %

The 92 in 92 Challenge - JustGiving

    The 92 in 92 Challenge. Visiting 92 football league clubs in 92 hours for Little Havens Children's Hospice because we want to raise money for this fantastic cause.

The 92 Club | The most exclusive club in football | 92Club ...

    The most exclusive club in football. The 92 Club is an exclusive club for fans who have visited all 92 League football grounds in England - that's each and every ground from the Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2.

Doing the 92 - DT92 HOME

    Welcome to Doing The 92. Overview. If this is your first time on the site, it's worth spending a few seconds reading this overview to find out what you can use it for. We started out as a place where fellow football fans can enter the games they'd been to and then see how close they have come to visiting all 92 League grounds.

Doing the 92 League Grounds in 72 hours for a good cause

    Doing the 92 League Grounds in 72 hours for a good cause. We all know doing the 92 is mammoth journey that over the course of a life time some won’t achieve, so imagine trying to get round all the grounds in one go! That’s exactly what Martin Lane, his mother and father in-law Sue and Dave Loder and family friend Simon Ward are attempting to do.

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