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Apply the 8-8-8 rule for living a balanced life | by Dejan ...


Apply the 8-8-8 rule for living a balanced life | by Dejan ...

    The 8–8–8 rule represents the 24 hours that we have each day. In order to achieve a balanced life, we need to split the 24 hours into three parts. 8 hours of work (1/3)

What is the 8-8-8 rule? - Quora

    the 8–8–8 rule is a perspective on how to organize and spend the time you have in a day that holds that a person is healthiest and most balanced when spending 8 hours working, 8 hours sleeping, and 8 hours spent on personal things including family and friends.

Habitat | The 8-8-8 rule: manage your time effectively by ...

    It’s an effective rule for living a balanced life by working less! Let’s break it down a little to explain how the 8-8-8 rule works. 8 hours of work. Figure out what time you work your best and get cracking then, so you’re at your best. Focus on the Pareto Principle of getting 80% results from 20% of activities to drive results and get the most out of your workday.

8.8 Hours In Minutes - How Many Minutes Is 8.8 Hours?

    Another way is saying that 8.8 hours is equal to 1 ÷ 0.0018939393939394 minutes. Approximate result. For practical purposes we can round our final result to an approximate numerical value. We can say that eight point eight hours is approximately five hundred twenty-eight minutes: 8.8 hr ≅ 528 min. An alternative is also that one minute is approximately zero point zero zero two times eight point eight …

8 Hours of Relaxing Sleep Music • Sleeping Music, …

    Relaxing sleep music (8 hours) with soft piano music and water sounds. This soothing sleeping music is produced to hopefully make you fall asleep fast. Strea...

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