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Understanding DVD - Disc Size, Configuration and Capacity


How much video can I fit on a 4.7GB DVD? - Apple Community

    Answer: A: 2 hours is the limit on a single layer disc. I recently created a movie that was 2 hours 1 minute...but well below 4.7 gb. iDVD yelled at me when I tried to burn it saying I was limited to 2 hours or needed to insert a dual layer disc. I trimmed 3 minutes off, bringing the movie to …

fitting four hours on 4.7 GB DVD - VideoHelp Forum

    The sensible way to put a 4 hour movie on a 4.7 gb DVD is to use TWO DVDs and retain some quality. I personally would use 3 DVDs, 80 minutes each, which gives maximum quality. The point is, why cram everything onto one DVD and kill the quality. You certainly are not going to sit there glued to the TV for 4 hours.

Time capacity in a 4.7GB disc?

    The time of Video that fits on a 4.7 GB DVD varies with several factors. Quality and if you use Smart Fit. The general rule is MPEG-2 HQ plays about one hour on a 4.7 GB DVD. About 2 hours on a Double layer 8.5 GB Disk.

DVD capacity limits for all types of DVDs – CD Baby ...

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Understanding DVD - Disc Size, Configuration and Capacity

    For example, a single-sided 4.7 GB disc holds roughly one hour of straightforward audio and video at maximum DVD quality and a 1.46 GB disc approximately 18 minutes. At the other end of the spectrum, the same discs might accommodate as much as nine hours and three hours respectively of …

How many mins on a 4.7GB DVD-R disc? | AVForums

    The fact that 4.7GB disks have acquired a '120 minutes' tag is a source of great annoyance to me! No such tag should be put on disks IMHO because it is rubbish! If you are recording on a set-top DVD recorder then you will have various Recording Modes, e.g. XP for 1hr per disk, SP for 2hrs per disk, LP for 4hrs per disk etc etc.

What is the Actual Storage Capacity of a DVD Disc? - …

    In short, DVD-R discs have 4.7GB (decimal) or 4.3GB (binary) of storage, depending on whether you use a decimal or a binary measuring system. DVD-R DL (double layer) discs have 8.5GB (decimal) or 7.95GB (binary) of storage, also depending on whether you’re using a decimal or binary measuring system. Regardless of which way the capacity is ...

How much content can I put on a DVD / DVD-R? What …

    4.7 GB - Single Layer DVD 8.5 GB - Dual Layer DVD. ... A DVD-ROM can also hold virtually any type of DATA you would like. A DVD can hold up to 4.7GBs on a single layer disc and 8.5 GBs on a dual layer disc. This DATA could be PDFs, MP3s, Microsoft Word Documents, Quicktime Movies, pretty much anything as long as you do not exceed the size limit

How many minutes can I put in a 4.7GB DVD!?

    You can put about an hour on a 4.7GB DVD if you use the highest legal bitrate (which gives the best possible quality). You can put lots more on the DVD if you lower the bitrate (in either the Vegas render "Custom" dialog, or in your DVD creation program, like DVD Architect).

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