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Nintendo: 3DS Battery Lasts 3-5 Hours | WIRED

    Nintendo: 3DS Battery Lasts 3-5 Hours. 3DS owners can expect to get between 3 and 5 hours of juice out of the handheld’s battery, Nintendo has said. On the eve of its Nintendo World 2011 public ...

Nintendo 3DS battery life to last between 3-5 hours ...

    Nintendo have finally confirmed the battery life for the Nintendo 3DS through their official website for the handheld system. Whilst playing specific Nintendo 3DS titles, avid gamers can expect the in-built battery to last between three-to-five hours, whereas for those playing original DS titles will find it sporting a slightly longer life that is estimated at lasting between …

Nintendo 3DS Specs Released: 3-5 Hours of 3D Battery Life

    Slugging through native 3D titles on a Nintendo 3DS will only last you three to five hours, depending on the hardware demands of a given game.

New Nintendo 3DS Battery May Only Last 3-5 Hours

    When playing a 3DS title expect a battery life of about 3 hours, due to the use of the 3d generating 3 screens, but with some 3DS titles that could increase to as much as 5 hours

3DS battery life - 3-to-5 hours for 3DS games; 3.5hr to ...

    http://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/hardware/spec/index.htmlOn here. 3.5 hrs to charge. 3-5 hrs 3ds, 5-8 hrs ds games. Wow, very poor.

Nintendo Support: How Long Will the Battery Remain Charged?

    Approximate battery duration for Nintendo 3DS family systems; System Using Nintendo 3DS software Using Nintendo DS software Sleep mode; Nintendo 3DS: 3 - 5 hours: 5 - …

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