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    1265 hours Directed Time Budget & Calendar The School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document 2019 (STPCD) states, on page 46/47 paragraph 51.5, that a teacher must be available for work for 195 days annually over 1265 hours, those hours to be allocated reasonably throughout those.

Convert 1265 Hours to Days. Hours in Days

    Convert 1265 Hours to Days! Or Convert 1265 into Hours and Days! Also a 1265 hour timer...

Directed Time | NEU

    Directed time is when teachers are directed by their head teacher to be at work and available for work. This is a maximum of 1,265 hours per academic year, spread over 195 days. Directed Time has not been removed or suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic. Teachers can be required to teach on 190 days, the maximum length of the pupil year.

Working 1265 (what a way to make a living) – Matthew …

    The main problem with the 1265 limit is that it appears to be absolute but is not. Firstly, this is because it only covers directed activities. These activities (teaching, tutoring, meetings, parents evenings) are quite easily contained within the 1265 hours, which equates to about 32.5 hours per week. Most schools run a 25 hour p/w timetable.

NASUWT | Directed Time (England)

    You do not have to be directed to work right up to the limit of 1,265 hours. Some academies may operate terms and conditions which do not adhere to the STPCD. They are therefore able to set a different directed time calendar specifying working time, which may be in excess of the 1,265 hours and 195 days a year identified in the STPCD.

DfE considering return of Sats at 14 and axing teaching ...

    “If the 1,265 hours agreement goes, it would allow headteachers to determine locally what the working arrangements in the school were. It could make longer days cheaper, because you wouldn’t ...

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