12 Week Marathon Training Schedule Sub 4 Hours

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The Sub 4 Hour Marathon Training Plan You Need


The Sub 4 Hour Marathon Training Plan You Need

    The Actual Four-Hour Marathon Training Schedule. Without further ado, here’s the weekly breakdown of a proper sub-4 marathon training plan. Week – 1 (20 miles) Monday – Run 3 Miles at a steady pace; Tuesday – Rest or Cross-Train; …

12-week Marathon Training Plan for All Levels

    12-week Training Plan | Advanced. This advanced plan consists of six to seven runs per week, including three key workouts: Tempo run: straight …

Mission Marathon Training Plan: sub-4 hours

    Mission Marathon Training Plan: sub-4 hours. Got your sights set on a sub-4 marathon? Running and endurance coach, Tom Craggs, has put …

The Sub 4 Hour Marathon: Essential Guide + Training Plan

    Classic ‘Training Run’ – These are typically 3-7 miles (5-11km) in length, and run at the 4 hour marathon pace (8:46min/mile pace, or 5:27min/km). In the first few weeks of training it’s alright if you are a little slower, but by around 8-10 weeks prior to the marathon you want to be running this at marathon pace.

Training Schedule | Sub Four Hour Marathon

    Here’s how my typical training week goes: Sunday | Rest day following long run day. Monday | 5-6 mile run. Tuesday | Rest. Wednesday | 5-6 mile run. Thursday | 5 mile run. Friday | Rest up for long run. Saturday | Long run. This is EVERY SINGLE WEEK of training. Yes, there is very little variation. “Why so little variation?”

12 Week Marathon Training Schedule: Intermediate Plan

    Week 1: 16 miles (26 kilometers) Week 2: 19 miles (31 kilometers) Week 3: 22 miles (35 kilometers) Week 4: 25 miles (40 kilometers) Your workouts: The majority of your workouts in Weeks 1-4 will be short, base runs. You will have long runs progressing from 6 miles up to 12 miles. (or 10 to approximately 20 kilometers)

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