100 Beers 100 Miles 100 Hours

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100 miles - 100 beers -100 hours - LetsRun.com

    100 miles + 100 beers + 100 hours = 1 stroke at 50. that's 24 miles a day for 4+ days. i would just stick to the weekly thing. this cannot be good. …

100 Miles, 100 Hours, 100 Beers : ultrarunning

    100 Miles, 100 Hours, 100 Beers In May I will be attempting to do the Tri-Centenial, which is running 100 miles and drinking 100 beers in 100 hours. I am looking for any advice, tips, etc.

#FastGuy Tricentennial (100 Miles 100 Beers 100 Hours ...

    This is the video of Fast Guy's final beer and final mile (which was run in roughly 5min 15s) of his tricentennial, on February 10th, 2012. After starting at...

Barefoot Tricentennial (100 beers and 100 miles in 100 ...

    The goal: drink 100 beers (12 oz. cans or bottles, non-light beer, 5% alc./vol.) and run 100 barefoot miles in 100 hours. Usually either the beer, mileage, or sleep is the major roadblock. Good runners can't drink that much; heavy drinkers can't run that much. Sleep is an obvious problem. I say we develop a special BRS award for the feat.

One-Hundred Beers, One-Hundred Miles.

    The task is pretty simple: drink 100 beers and run 100 miles within a week period. There are couple small rules: the participant cannot drink any light beer (my choice is Bud "heavy"), every run has to be a certified, mapped out run, and if a participant vomits there is a penalty of an extra beer to be added to the final total, other than that ...

100 Beers - craft beer shop, Sofia, "Yuri Venelin" 1

    100 Beers - craft beer shop, Sofia, "Yuri Venelin" 1. По време на извънредното положение доставяме безплатно бира в цяла България при поръчка на стойност над 70 лева.

30 Beers, 30 Miles, 30 Hours (The 30-30-30 Challenge ...

    Drink 30 beers. Run 30 miles. Do it in under 30 hours. That's the goal of the 30-30-30 Challenge. The order in which you drink the beers and run the miles do...

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