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100 Miles, 100 Hours, 100 Beers : ultrarunning

    Your not going to die. You are just probably gonna wake up super hungover and give up when you realize you need to run 20+ miles and drink 20+ more beers. I say make it the quad centennial. 100 beers, 100 miles, at least 100ft of elevation gain per mile, 100 hours

Tricentennial (100 Beers and 100 Miles in 100 Hours)

    Tricentennial (100 Beers and 100 Miles in 100 Hours) Philadelphia, PA February 10, 2012. created by user Fat_Guy. Ruleset: Beer Mile. 4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage. Links: Race Site

100 miles. 100 beers. One week. DRAFT

    Mar 25, 2012 · The 100 Beers 100 Miles blog is the work of Stephanie Stark, a runner and student at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. I’m truly impressed with her ability to find time between getting drunk and double-digit running days to chronicle the entertaining misadventures of herself and two others named Stevie and Brad.

100 beers drunk and 100 miles run in fewer than 100 hours ...

    Apr 14, 2012 · mast fisc I think many of you guys are discounting the difficulty of running 100 miles in 4 days. there was another, so-called "fat guy" who tried to do the challenge with the skinnier "fast guy" depicted in the vid. fat guy got about 40 miles in the week, but handled his drink better. "fat guy" was a regular runner and still ended up destroyed.

100 miles - 100 beers -100 hours

    Jul 14, 2011 · 100 miles - 100 beers -100 hours . New Start Thread. a miler registered. 8 years ago 07/13/2011 4:25pm CDT. re: Tyson Brock. Back To Index Forum Index. The way to …

100 miles - 100 beers -100 hours

    Jul 13, 2011 · 100 miles - 100 beers -100 hours . New ... you're expecting us to believe that somehow between 3AM and 3:30PM you slept "way too much" and drank 15 beers? Even if you slept 8 hours …

Triple Century - 100 Beers/100 Miles/100 Hours ...

    Each competitor drinks 100 beers and runs 100 miles within a 100 hour time limit. 2. Competitors must drink canned beer and the cans should not be less than 355ml (the standard can volume) or 12oz (the imperial equivalent).

Running (And Drinking) the Bicentennial: 100 Miles and 100 ...

    It needs no introduction to most college cross-country teams. Run 100 miles and drink 100 beers in one week. While I didn't have the advantage of a Spring Break (graduated in '08 and now work at a running store), I can officially put it on my résumé.

Common Variations - Beer mile

    The Bicentennial (100 beers, 100 miles, any order) Best known effort: rumored to be 104 hours, 151 hours The Renaissance Mile (1 mile, solve a Rubik's cube, drink a 40oz of malt liquor, dunk a basketball on a 10' rim, play Chopin's Minute Waltz, eat a pint of ice cream, any order)

100 Miles in 100 Hours

    May 02, 2010 · Awesome job, people! The final tally was 112, which means you all racked up 100 beers well well ahead of the 100 hours deadline (assuming no one was drinking early Sunday, since it's not football season). More beers came in from Brooke, Sam and Kimberly, Cory, Joy, Murry & …

Barefoot Tricentennial (100 beers and 100 miles in 100 ...

    Jul 20, 2010 · The goal: drink 100 beers (12 oz. cans or bottles, non-light beer, 5% alc./vol.) and run 100 barefoot miles in 100 hours. Usually either the beer, mileage, or sleep is the major roadblock. Good runners can't drink that much; heavy drinkers can't run that much. Sleep is an obvious problem. I say we develop a special BRS award for the feat.

Tavern of 100 Beers, Tallinn - Restaurant Reviews, Photos ...

    Feb 13, 2020 · Tavern of 100 Beers, Tallinn: See 63 unbiased reviews of Tavern of 100 Beers, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #114 of 1,101 restaurants in Tallinn. Flights ... See all hours. All photos (88) ... .10 miles away . My City Hotel. 1,181 reviews .11 …4.5/5(63)

One-Hundred Beers, One-Hundred Miles.

    Jun 02, 2013 · The task is pretty simple: drink 100 beers and run 100 miles within a week period. There are couple small rules: the participant cannot drink any light beer (my choice is Bud "heavy"), every run has to be a certified, mapped out run, and if a participant vomits there is a penalty of an extra beer to be added to the final total, other than that ...

runners drink 100 beers in a week Community BeerAdvocate

    Apr 29, 2013 · runners drink 100 beers in a week. Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Sam_Frank, Apr 26, 2013. ... i do at least 6 hours of cardio every week. ... but back in my day a few of us did the 100 100 (miles, beers). That was a lot of work. Not with as high quality stuff as I drink now, but none the less. ...

Running 100 Miles Each Month for a Year – Running is fun ...

    Dec 27, 2015 · Running 100 Miles Each Month for a Year. ... After some weird hallucinations and nearly 62 hours, I won my first race and hobbled off with my prize —– a walking stick! ... When drinking beers with Matt Malloy, I can always count on him to sign up for something dumb way far off in the future. Got stuck with Bandit the donkey for a second year.

100 Beers! Community BeerAdvocate

    Jul 25, 2014 · I just tried my 100th beer, which feels like a huge milestone for me. I've been very open minded about beer since becoming interested 3 years ago, and...

Camille Herron 100-Mile Record Runner's World

    Nov 14, 2017 · Cheers! 100 Miles and a Couple of Beers Later, a World Record. ... But after so many hours of sugar, she decided to get creative during the last 20 miles.

100 Mile Rib & Chop House - American (Traditional) - 507 S ...

    6 reviews of 100 Mile Rib & Chop House "A wonderful stop for lunch! I had the pork roast special with scalloped potatoes and green beans -- yummy! Friendly, attentive service and …4/5(6)

30 Beers, 30 Miles, 30 Hours (Behind the Scenes) - YouTube

    Jul 29, 2018 · 30 Beers, 30 Miles, 30 Hours (Behind the Scenes) ... Make $100 Per Day On YouTube Without ... 72 Year Old Ultra Marathon Runner Takes On The Western States 100 Thirty Hours - Duration: 12:28 ...

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