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How many hours are in a story point? - MT

    If you were to take a collection of estimated stories from a team and come up with a number like 5 hours per story point, then you would be assuming that all stories are estimated with the same level of accuracy.

Agile Story Points vs Hours: How to Better Estimate ...

    A 1-story point story (base story) takes, let’s say, two hours to complete. A 13-story point story might take 26 hours in the best-case scenario — …

Story Points vs Hours: Clear Explanation of Pros and …

    No correlation with skills and experience of the estimator. As we already mentioned, a …

Scrum Story Points vs Hours: Agile Estimation

    It gives a sense of objectivity: If a developer can complete one story in 5 hours, the same 5 hours can be either 2 or the 7 for the other. Hence, the estimation in hours is subjective, whereas the estimation in story points is objective, wherein 3 means a particular level of complexity for all the team members.

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