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off-peak hours - O2 Community

    hi,i recently recieved unlimited texts to any network in off-peak hours for a week on 02 surprises, i was just wondering when these off-peak hours were. Message 1 of 4 3,179 Views

Solved: When is Peak/off peak time? - O2 Community

    Solved: I thought after 6 would be off peak, but I've been charged £9.77 for a call starting at 18.02. I can't find the information anywhere on MyO2.

Rates: Off-Peak Hours the Cheapest Time to Use …

    Dominion Power : Off-Peak Hours; Seasons SUPER Off-Peak Off-Peak Peak; Summer May - Sept: Everyday: 12am-5am: Weekdays: 5am-3pm & 6pm-12am Holidays & Weekends: 5am-12am: Weekdays: 3pm-6pm: Winter Oct - April: Everyday: 12am-5am: Weekdays: 5am-6am, 9am-5pm, 8pm-12am Holidays & Weekends: 5am-12am: Weekdays:6am-9am & 5pm …

What are Peak and Off-Peak Hours? – MIRECS

    Please consult the table below for Peak / Off-Peak hours on a business day (HE in EST): **Note: Weekends (Sat/Sun) & NERC Holidays are Off-Peak in MISO** Incentive Renewable Energy Credits (IRECS) from Peak generation. According to Section 39, Sub 2 of PA 342 - Michigan Legislature - State of Michigan

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